The Journey from Condé to Sangyé

From the fashion floors of Condé Nast in New York to the wooden floors of Sangyé Yoga School in London, cat had officially traded in her Manolo Blahniks for a more 'grounded' approach to life...
in bare feet. 

cat is originally from New York City and has been calling London home since spring 2004. She feels very privileged to have been involved with the previous incarnation of Sangyé Yoga School from its inception (as Jivamukti Yoga London 2005-2015) and as it continues in its current form with more of a Tibetan Buddhist influence. Every now and then her mother asks her if she has “grown tired of traveling/teaching yoga after all these years” to which her inner response is: “As long as what I’m doing is useful to some and somehow serves a purpose...then tiredness can be easily remedied by rest.” 

If the titles collected along the way bear significance or interest (in no particular or special order): Advanced Certified Teacher (Jivamukti), Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance UK) and Co-Director/Co-Guardian alongside Phil of the space that is Sangyé Yoga School in London.

LOVE & GRATITUDE: the husband and the best friend ever Phil, the parents, the teachers – all of them and in their many forms. Massive respect for the students who willingly showing up every single time. Much love to the notorious biggie smalls the sausage dog & oscar wilde the wiener for helping her see all sentient beings with indiscriminate eyes. Lastly, this precious human life for all it has revealed thus far.

Long life to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso…may he continue to teach and inspire through his humble yet powerful presence.


2021 SCHEDULE (as of 1 january 2021 based on current uk restrictions)`

sangyé yoga school in person classes - 17 may

virtual classes exclusively for sangyé yoga school
vinyasa open - tuesday 9:30am/75mins
& 6:30pm/75mins
vinyasa open - thursday 6:30pm/75mins
vinyasa open - saturday & sunday 11am/90mins
format (for both live & virtual versions): more listening, less looking. minimal music, less entertainment. breath is always the best soundtrack!

more information on content at sangyé yoga school
ALL TIMES GMT/BST (as of 28 march).

EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY & FEE: [email protected]



Date Location class details

17th – 18th April 2020

hamburg, germany

POSTPONED: sangyé workshops at roots yoga

roots yoga

roots yoga instagram

30th April 2020 – 1st May 2020

bologna, italy

POSTPONED: sangyé workshop & class at vinyasa yoga bologna

vinyasa yoga bologna

17th – 19th September 2020

barcelona, spain

POSTPONED: sangyé workshops at jivamukti yoga barcelona

save the dates
jivamukti yoga barcelona

2nd – 3rd October 2020

paris, france

POSTPONED - sangyé workshops at jivamukti yoga paris

more details to come.

save the dates and make a weekend of it.

11th – 12th December 2020

zurich, switzerland

POSTPONED: sangyé workshops at yoga corner

31st – 31st January 2021

stuttgart, germany

POSTPONED: sangyé workshops at moveorespiro

all day intensive:
workshop/asana 10:00am - 12:30pm 
break for lunch (1.5hours)
lecture/meditation 2:00pm - 4:00pm

21st – 27th February 2021

hokkaido, japan

POSTPONED to 2022: 7th year in niseko/4th retreat: workshop style classes (limited spaces/open to locals)

6 nights/7 days - small group only
limited space.
[email protected]

5th – 7th March 2021

copenhagen, denmark

yoga games - copenhagen

yoga games 2021 copenhagen (rescheduled from 2020)

9th – 11th April 2021

oxon hoath - kent (tonbridge), uk

2021: 3rd oxon hoath: SPRING weekend retreat

questions? booking form: [email protected]

30th May 2021 – 4th June 2021

ibiza, spain

2021 solo gente tranquila retreat

small group capacity - THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL/wait list available.
email/message if interested to get on waiting list.

23rd – 27th June 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 1st module

16th – 18th July 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 2nd module

5th – 8th August 2021

kagyu samye ling - scotland

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 3rd module (scotland)

off site module + annual retreat

3rd – 5th September 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 4th module

24th – 26th September 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 5th module

8th – 10th October 2021

stockholm, sweden

yoga games - stockholm

yoga games

15th – 17th October 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 6th module

27th – 31st October 2021

london, uk

sangyé yoga school teacher training 2021: 7th/final module

15th – 21st November 2021

TIBET retreat 2021

wait list only. email to apply.
[email protected]

sangyé yoga school
awakening student teacher training 2020
with cat alip-douglas

THE 2016/2017/2018/2019 TRAININGS - FULL TO CAPACITY.

2021 dates
module 1: 23-27 june (5 days)
module 2: 16-18 july (3 days)
module 3/samye ling: 5-8 august (4 days)
module 4: 3-5 september (3 days)
module 5: 24-26 september (3 days)
module 6: 15-17 october (3 days)
module 7: 27-31 october (5 days)
To request the 2021 application/reference forms and schedule a practise assessment/personal interview either in person or on zoom, please email: [email protected]

If you are keen, we strongly advise that applicants avoid waiting until the last minute to enquire about requirements and perhaps even get a head start on reading materials/essay. Time to prepare is extremely valuable, interview past teacher trainees about the reality of their experience.

2021 Sangyé Yoga School: Awakening Student Teacher Training
with cat alip-douglas

This training is for students who wish to deepen their understanding of the yoga practice as it relates to life in a closely mentored 5 months program. The training is suitable for those who are looking to transition into the role of a teacher, as well as those who may wish to simply deepen their own yoga & life practice.

Previous years have attracted students from the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. Out of town students must be able to commit to adding days either side of modules to complete practice requirement with cat. The training has reached capacity each year, advance application is encouraged.

This 200hr (300+hr with independent study required) course presents a foundation in yoga principals with a strong emphasis on vinyasa. Trainees are expected to maintain a daily meditation and a consistent (5-6 days a week) asana practice during their training. A set sequence will be provided almost 2 months prior to the start of the training and students will be expected to self-practice this sequence approximately 3-4x per week. Developing a self-practice, identifying and overcoming challenges are an important step in the student’s ability to teach and ultimately communicate with precision.

The course will include the following areas of study:
–   Asana, bandha, drishti
–   Applied anatomy
–   Mechanics of fundamental assists
–   Philosophy
–   Pranayama
–   Meditation
–   Teaching methodology (how to approach teaching in person classes and virtual/online)
–   Ethics based on the 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva


The course will run over a period of 5 months, beginning June 23rd & ending October 31st. 
Pre-course work will be provided on/around May 1st as preparation and to be completed for modules.


All dates will be held at Sangyé Yoga School, 300 Kensal Rd, London, W10 5BE – with the exception of the dates August 5th -8th - which will be held at Samye Ling, Eskdalemuir, near Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Sangyé Yoga School will endeavour to deliver all modules in person; however, there is the possibility that a portion of the course will be held digitally if local guidelines require this. Allowances will also be made for students who are unable to travel for modules based on any local government guidelines.

Fore more information on the programme, Sangyé Yoga School Awakening Student Teacher Training.


...inward and outward exploration...

Date Location Retreat details

21st – 27th February 2021

hokkaido (niseko), japan

4th hokkaido, japan: snow and a bit of yoga retreat with cat & phil

This is the 4th hokkaido retreat but the 7th year we are teaching in niseko and we have so much fun that we thought you'd like to come along!


booking form please email [email protected]
front of flyer
back of flyer

30th May 2021 – 4th June 2021

ibiza, spain

2021: solo gente tranquila retreat

full to capacity. wait list only.

11th – 13th June 2021

oxon hoath - kent (tonbridge), uk

2021: 3rd oxon hoath SUMMER uk weekend retreat

because we probably won't be able to travel outside the uk this summer!:)

last few spaces. limited capacity for everyone's ease!
booking form? please email [email protected]

5th – 8th August 2021

eskdalemuir, scotland

2021: 7th kagyu samye ling - yoga & meditation retreat with cat & phil

5-8 august 2021 (4 days/3 nights)
7th kagyu samye ling yoga and meditation retreat  
(usually in connection with sangyé yoga school tt module)

kagyu samye ling provides the perfect environment to reconnect with nature, go deeper in your meditation practice and learn about the foundations of tibetan buddhism and the kagyu lineage. it is a simple retreat for students who want to get to the heart of a practice and spend more time than usual in meditation sessions.

booking form - please email [email protected]

a percentage of the tuition is always donated to the monastery...
it's our way of fundraising on their behalf.

samye ling:

each participant must book their own accommodations directly with samye ling but also confirm space with cat via booking form/deposit or payment.

15th – 21st November 2021


TIBET retreat 2021

full to capacity - wait list only.
email to apply: [email protected]
a sneak preview:
potala palace, lhasa



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